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Best Paint Color for Window Trim

While white goes with just about any room décor, wall color, curtains, rug or armchair, is it the best paint color for window trim?

The Fight for White

Whites are airy and bright, and promote the feeling of openness. Paired with the high contrast of darker tones, it provides a dramatic look. While light colors, such as white, against white trim offer a clean, modern look.

What is the best paint color for window trim? In most cases, we recommend white as the clear choice for just about any room. It’s timeless and classic. However, is white the only acceptable trim color? Of course, not!

Bold Blacks are Back

Second to white, blacks are commonly an option for interior trim. Rich and bold, this look is a trim attention grabber.

For a more modern look, gray is undoubtedly one of the best choices for darker shaded moldings and trim. This color has recently gained popularity due to its versatility, as it pairs well with a wide variety of wood tones, styles, and colors.

To pull off this look, dark interior trim must have spatial balance; dark baseboards, door frames, windows, and mantle, etc. Tip: Just be sure your room gets plenty of natural lighting to keep the room from feeling closed in.

Non-Neutral Territory

Not feeling bright white or deeper hues for your moldings? There are hundreds of colors that can make a fantastic trim color, depending on the walls and space. Try non-neutrals for a more unique, creative vibe. When using a non-neutral trim color, it should coordinate well with the wall color, as well as with the rest of your room decor. Tip: we recommend to use a lighter trim color against a dark wall. On lighter walls, if you're not going with a shade of white, a darker color trim is your best option. Consider dark blue, dark green, or brown.

If you are looking for a change, but you're not sure what color trim paint to use, we can help! Our professional Chattanooga painters can offer friendly, expert advice that is personalized to your home and your desires.

Scott Brown Professional Painting & Remodeling offers quality house painting in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the surrounding Tennessee and North Georgia areas. We provide both interior and exterior painting services, and so much more. Call us and receive your free consultation today. We would love to hear about your next project!





Snap It!

If you’ve chipped away at thousands of swatches in search of the ultimate hues for your home, toss out the paint chart and start turning your “pinspiration” boards into a reality. From the perfect gallery white to a bold front door that makes a statement, here’s how to get the look with just a click!


No matter if you’re going for cozy cottage or spacious farmhouse, your new favorite design tool comfortably fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s not a color wheel. Sherwin-Williams has developed revolutionary technology to help you pick the exact hue of your inspiration and recreate it.


Step 1: Visit the Website

Step 2: Select an image or paste a website URL to the chip it tool

Step 3: Click the Arrow to Upload

Step 4: Pick your chip & Snap it!


Behold, in seconds, you receive a matched color palette with Sherwin-Williams virtual paint chips. Say goodbye to standing in the paint aisle debating on shades for hours! For multiple projects, you can create an account and save your looks.


At Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling of Chattanooga and surrounding Tennessee and North Georgia, we love to see the smiles on our client’s faces when their vision is brought to life. Just check out these satisfied customers: we have over 100 positive online reviews!


Let us help you get the home of your dreams. Call (423) 314-7179 for a free estimate today!

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4 Reasons To Update Your Home Interior Paint

interior painting Chattanooga

Updating your homes interior paint, even just a little, can go a long way in brightening up your space and making it feel fresh again. Need a bit of motivation and interior inspiration? Here are 4 reasons to call Scott Brown to help you update your Chattanooga home today!


1. Time to Move?

If you are moving or thinking about moving, it is important to get your house in ship-shape and listing-ready. Just think of the added value a fresh coat of paint adds. Think there are not any benefits to painting? Think again. Yes, repainting your homes hues can increase the value! The most important tip when painting your house for the market, think neutral. Keep every potential buyer in mind, allowing them to envision themselves in the space. If your home is already neutral, it may not hurt to touch up. This can help make your house look like new! Not only does it make a great first impression, but any potential buyer will quickly note your home’s “move-in ready” quality.


2. Builder-Grade Upgrade.

Styles come and go. And in many cases, the new construction home you purchased 5 years ago may have features or color schemes that are no longer follow current trends. Feeling tired of the builder beige? We can fix that!


3. Family Dynamic.

If you’re expecting, now is the perfect time to update that old extra guest room into a sweet nursery. Or alternatively, maybe you’re becoming empty nesters. Time to get rid of the painted hot air balloon mural on the wall and create a more neutral theme, ideal if you are listing your home for sale.


4. Fresh Start.

In some cases, you may just decide it’s time for a fresh start with a fresh, new shade. Perhaps, you are redecorating a bedroom and your new linens no longer match. Or maybe you want to update the overall look and feel of your home. To update your Chattanooga home interior, call Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling for a free quote today!

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6 Tips to Picking Exterior Paint Colors

Chattanooga exterior painting

Painting the outside of your house is an easy way to change the overall look of your home, without tackling a full-on remodeling project. However, selecting the paint color for the exterior of your home can be quite the commitment. Especially when you factor in the subtleties of color—how pigments can differ depending on lighting, textures, and adjacent tones. If you’re not sure what to pick, this list of tips may help spark new ideas to selecting the perfect exterior paint color, sure to last you through the years.

#1 Time to be Inspired

Take your time and utilize all inspirational resources, like Pinterest, to find your paint color. Although picking the perfect color can take forever, if you let it! Once you find the right shade, don’t second guess – just go for it!

#2 What is Your Paint Personality?

If you are full of personality, consider small pops of color to help your home stand out from the curb. The colors you choose can make a bold statement!

#3 Consider the Block

On a street of beige, would you want your house to blend among the rest? On the flipside, while there’s nothing wrong with standing out a bit, do consider the neighbors view and the overall aesthetic of the block. It is important to pick a color that you and your neighbors will love. Tip: Take a walk down your street and make note of neighboring curb appeal, what you like, also what you don’t like!

#4 Research the Roots

If you have an older, or historic home, you will want to do your research on nationally registered historic hues. Does your home have a distinctive style? Consider the architecture to find color inspiration.

#5 Pick a Palette

When picking out your color palette, remember to consider your roof, chimney, facade, and other features or elements that may help you concentrate your colors in complementary shades.

#6 Still Not Sure? Ask Scott Brown!  

As always, if you have any questions here in the Chattanooga, TN and North Georgia area, we encourage you to give us a call. It would be our pleasure to serve you. Call Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling at (423) 314-7179 for your free estimate today!





Chattanooga's Best Commercial Painter – Scott Brown


Looking for Chattanooga's best commercial painter? Call Scott Brown.

Providing Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas quality, professional results. Just take a look at our recent work with Smart Bank!

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Make Your Chattanooga Garage Remodel a Success

painting contractors Chattanooga

Did Memorial Day sales leave your head spinning with new ideas for home improvement projects? If you’re tired of living with a cluttered, messy garage, call Scott Brown today for a free estimate on remodeling your covered parking spot. After all, the garage isn’t just a place for storage; it is an extension of your home!


If you’ve considered renovating the garage, remember that there’s more to a remodel than installing a few cabinets. With Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling, go the distance and get creative to make your garage an efficient workspace. Think workbenches, cabinets, closets, tool chests, sinks, additional storage, and work desks.


At Scott Brown, we have everything you need to make your garage remodel a success. We specialize in painting and remodeling residential and commercial properties in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Contact Chattanooga’s highest rated painting and remodeling professionals to learn more and schedule an appointment today by calling 423-314-7179.





6 Tips for Spring (Outdoor) Cleaning

home remodeling Chattanooga

You don’t have to wait until spring to tackle these home improvement projects; however, if you’re in deep spring cleaning mode, you might as well take on your outdoor space too! There are a number of ways to freshen up your outdoor space with just a few simple tricks and a pressure washer. Not only does annual outdoor cleaning benefit cosmetic appearance and curb appeal, it also helps to extend the longevity of your outdoor space.


Exterior brick or siding

Pressure washing your exterior space, such as siding and masonry surfaces, can transform the overall look of your space. Tip: for stubborn dirt or mildew, add detergent to get the job done in half the time!


Before pressure washing, start by removing any existing weeds or grass in cracks or seams of the driveway. Once removed, a careful cleaning with a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime can make a huge difference!


Similarly to your driveway, gutters may also build up dirt and grime. Tip: when cleaning gutters overhead, stand off to the side to avoid spray back, debris, water runoff, and drips.


Being careful not to damage the wood, follow all cleaning and pressure washing instructions based on wood cleaner type. For best results, test on an inconspicuous area of the deck before treating the entire area.


Bring your wood fence back to life with a good pressure washer cleaning. Once clean and dry, apply a rejuvenating coat of wood stain and sealer. Afterwards, your fence will look brand new!



Windows need maintenance just like the rest of your property. So no matter if you’re cleaning them to remove pollen and dirt build up or prepping to repaint, think of the pressure washer as your new best friend. Tip: check the condition of your windows before cleaning to avoid damage to the glass, trim, or seal.


While pressure washing can improve the look of the outside of your home, do be careful. Pressure washers emit extremely high pressure that can damage wood and other various materials, if used improperly. For information on pressure washing the outside of your home or Chattanooga business, give us a call today at (423) 314-7179!






3 Tips to Reduce Home-Improvement Stress

Chattanooga home remodeling

Remodeling your home can be quite an undertaking—and quite stressful at times. Your humble home is now a construction site, decisions become increasingly difficult, and the budget is flying out of control. The remodel process can be exhausting, but with Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling, the quality results are well worth the effort. However, if you find yourself overwhelmed during the process of your home improvements, here are 3 tips to manage anxiety and keep your stress at bay.


1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

It may be difficult to see the bigger picture when complications arise, especially with plaster crumbs and sawdust to clean up following your newly renovated space. But at the end of the day, it is important to evaluate and prioritize your worries. After all, you have better things to do with your time, like enjoying your remodeled basement.


2. Take timing into consideration and be realistic

Are you dreaming of the perfect dining room just two weeks away from your annual Thanksgiving dinner? Before attempting to take on a large renovation project, keep events and holidays in mind and allow for ample time if you choose to begin such an endeavor. Instead, plan your remodel with enough time to avoid adding unnecessary stress.


3. Hire a VERY good contractor, like Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling

Read reviews and references before hiring a Chattanooga contractor! With over 100 positive reviews, Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling is your source for quality renovations. Just check out our testimonials!


Want more tips and tricks to survive the remodeling process? Contact our Chattanooga team of professionals at Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling by calling (423) 314-7179. For more information regarding our services, you may call or e-mail us for an appointment at your convenience.






Top Four Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Chattanooga Commercial Building

commercial painting Chattanooga

Instant Curb Appeal. For any business, curb appeal matters. Keeping your property clean and mildew-free will attract more customers, which means more business. Take pride in your business and call Chattanooga’s Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling today!


Decreases Pollutants and Allergens. Our professional power washing services are designed to remove pollutants and wash away the allergens that are lingering from your building and parking lot, especially when allergy season hits.


Preps the Surface. If you are considering our painting services for your Chattanooga commercial property, pressure washing will help to prepare the surface for painting and refinishing. FACT: Did you know we offer FREE pressure washing with every job? Call today to schedule your appointment today!


Improves the Lifespan. Proper care and routine maintenance on your commercial building, interior and exterior, will help increase it’s longevity. Regular pressure washing will eliminate the possibility of damage, rot, and disrepair which ultimately saves time and money. 


If you are interested in commercial pressure washing, contact us for more information about our Chattanooga commercial services and for your free, comprehensive estimate today! (423) 314-7179.



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How to Use Painters Tape Like a Pro

commercial painting Chattanooga


Preparing your walls before painting is the most important step when it comes to quality painting results. Follow the tips below to have you painting like a pro in no time!

Before you start always be sure to take the extra time to clean your moldings and baseboards with a damp cloth, removing any dust or dirt build up. Allow them to dry completely before you begin to tape. This will create a much better surface to adhere the painters tape to, resulting in a professional finish every time!


Use a putty knife or similar tool to press down on the painters tape once applied to the trim. It’s important to have a proper seal to prevent unwanted drips.


If the job requires a bit more than just a can of paint, use painters tape to hang a plastic sheets to protect entrances, doorways, and items in the room that will not be removed.


Corners can be a challenge when painting. The age old question is – to tape or freehand? When in doubt, tape it for clean, even lines. Ever wonder how to apply painters tape in corners like the pros? The best method is to run a longer piece of painters tape along one wall, allowing it to overlap onto the adjacent wall. Using a utility or carpenters knife, cut the excess off. The same applies to painting window panes and trim.


Need to protect your home from a paint and primer oops? Instead of shuffling around drop cloths that are easy to trip over and track paint through your home, use kraft paper and painters tape. This trick can be used above wood work, window casings, and even floors. It works on both hard surfaces and carpeting, keeping your project splatter-free.


Before removing painters tape, let the paint dry completely and then score the between the wall and trim with a utility knife. This step helps to create a flawless finish without damaging the wall or pulling away fresh paint. When removing, pull painters tape at a 45 degree angle.


If you have leftover painters tape, there are dozens of unique uses for it! These may include organization labels, artwork, family friendly games, such as hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and go fish. The painters tape possibilities are endless!


For all of your Chattanooga painting needs – commercial or residential – call Scott Brown Professional Painting & Remodeling to schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate! Give us a call at (423) 314-7179. We look forward to serving you.






6 Ways a Chattanooga Professional Painter Can Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

exterior painting Chattanooga

6 Ways a Chattanooga Professional Painter Can Add Curb Appeal to Your Home:


Squeaky Clean

Pressure washing the siding, walk ways, gutters, and roof can dramatically change the exterior appearance of your curb appeal. The years of dirt buildup and wear, can prevent your property from looking well maintained. At Scott Brown Professional Painting and Remodeling of Chattanooga, we specialize in a full range of commercial and residential services. For all of your pressure washing needs, call us today for a free estimate.


Freshen It Up

Transform your home in an instant! Adding a fresh coat of paint can offer curb appeal and a touch of personality. If your budget is tight and you want the same effect, consider repainting the trim in a new color. It’s as simple as calling Scott Brown and his team of professional Chattanooga painters.


The Mailbox Wow-Factor

Depending on your budget, sprucing up your existing or adding a new mailbox can surprisingly add an extra dose of curb appeal and really make your house stand out from the neighborhood's long row of boring black boxes. 


Transform a basic, store-bought mailbox by adding architectural house numbers, custom lettering, or a painted post. Tips to remember when picking out the look best suited for your mailbox, always coordinate with the style and color of the home. For homes with a more modern aesthetic, pick a sleek, cleaned-lined box over a traditional, ornate one.


Another easy tip, if you have a green thumb, plant around your post! Enhancing the area around your mailbox can work wonders while also a great way to accentuate your landscape.


A Pop of Color

Make a statement by adding an unexpected pop of color to the front of your house. Since your home's front entry, shutters, and trim are the underlying focal point and first impression, don’t bypass these details! The entry should resemble your home's interior, so choose finishes that reflect your style. Make a statement by giving the front of your home major curb appeal points


It’s All In the Fencing

Properly painted garden gates, decorative fencing, arbors, and trellises can give a yard or garden a custom architectural feel while also adding value and curb appeal to your home. Tip: For best results, our Chattanooga painting and remodeling service recommends using the same trim or stain color for a unified look. 


Flower Power

Consider installing custom painted window boxes for additional color and character to your home's appearance. Similar to the mailbox, pick a design that best reflects the style of the property. For a more traditional look, use a classic white planter and add a variety of vibrant flowers and plants based on their level of sun or shade.


For more information on residential or commercial painting services, call us at (423) 314-7179 for your free estimate today!



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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter in Chattanooga


Projects around the house can add up to make an exhaustive To-Do list. Paint the cabinets, pressure wash the siding, repaint the living room, and the list goes on. While these do-it-yourself projects can sometimes be a simple task, there are definite pros to hiring the pro's. Whether those projects are big or small, indoor or outdoor, you are actually better off hiring your trusted Chattanooga, TN painting professional to get the job done and right the first time. 


1. Fast results:  Painting a room or house can be quite the demanding and ongoing task. While the process of painting can be a long-lived project, it's not the only enduring part. DIY painters know that planning out colors, making multiple trips for supplies, and properly prepping your space before paint almost always takes much, much longer than anticipated. By hiring a licensed professional, this arduous process is expedited leaving you with quality results, fast and stress-free. 


2. Quality work: Want clean lines and an even coat? If you wish to achieve a professional paint job, hire Scott Brown Professional Painting and Remodeling Service. The expertise and skill of our professional team will guarantee premium, quality results, in both durability and finish. Because, at the end of the day, professional painters will do a better job. An experienced painter who has the knowledge with various wall textures and paints can help make suitable assessments for each surface, leaving you with the highest quality results.


3. Insured: If you choose to hire a licensed Chattanooga painting professional, you can rest assured that the service provider is qualified to do the job. Because of this, you are covered if any problems should occur onsite. It is important to discuss damages with your painting contractor. In most cases, the contractor will be able to repair or replace any loss. 


4. Saves money: Contrary to popular belief, hiring a painter is incredibly cost-effective, especially for larger jobs. While attempting to tackle your DIY home projects might seem like the penny saving solution to freshening up your space, seeking out a painting contractor will save you time and money, overall. The cost in supplies and equipment alone, especially the tools professionals use, would add to be very costly. Because it’s more than just some rollers and paint, you know. By hiring a professional painting service, the exact cost per project is provided, which means no more underestimating costs. 


5. Prep and Cleanup: Forget the stress and mess of prep and cleanup.

The preparation is a crucial step in the painting process. If the prep isn't performed properly, then you won't have quality results. No matter the finish, brand, or technique, a poorly prepared space will wreak havoc on all of your hard work. Licensed professionals will have the expertise and skilled approach for varying conditions for the best possible finish. Last but not least, cleanup can be just as challenging as the prep work and painting part itself. A good professional should make little to no mess and should clean up after every job, without any exception. 


For more information on residential or commercial painting services, call us at (423) 314-7179 for your free estimate today!



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How To Remove Wallpaper

For this job you will need sheets of plastic drop cloths, a garden type sprayer, and a wallpaper scraper with a razor blade that can be changed when dull, or a spackle knife. The razor scraper is best used on plaster walls, the spackle knife on drywall (or sheet rock or gypsum board.) You can use the razor edge wallpaper removal tool on drywall, but the wallpaper must be thoroughly saturated with hot water containing vinegar so it can be razored off of the drywall without damaging it. For the plastic sheets, spend a little more money for the thicker kind. Don’t use the super cheap but super thin sheets, which are hard to open from the package and will tear and will not hold the weight of the removed wallpaper lying on them when you pick them up. The sprayer has a pump handle on top. You pump this handle and build up pressure, and do it again when the original pressure has gone down. You may have seen people spraying their garden with this type of sprayer. It is perfect for saturating the wallpaper you want to remove.

Before you do anything, go to the circuit breaker or fuse box to turn off the electricity in the room where you will be removing wallpaper. Move furniture away from the walls. Place the plastic sheeting at the base of the wall, right up against the baseboard. Make sure the carpet, tile or wood floor is completely covered to prevent water damage or glue mess on floor. Make sure also that all furniture that could possibly be hit with your sprayer is covered with plastic drop cloths.

Before you even fill the sprayer, score lines on the surface of wallpaper. Be careful not to go too deep and score the walls making extra repairs necessary. There are also tools available at the hardware or paint store made specifically for breaking the surface of the wallpaper so that the water solution can get under and through the wallpaper. These tools contain small wheels with spikes sticking out.

After all of the plastic is in place and the surface of the wallpaper is scored or “Broken,” the sprayer can be filled. DO NOT buy the expensive chemicals made for wallpaper removal. They are largely ineffective and can irritate skin. If you decide to use these chemicals, make sure you are wearing the right respirator to protect your breathing paths and lungs. I strongly recommend that you do NOT use them. Regular white vinegar works better than these chemicals, and vinegar is cheap. When filling your garden sprayer with vinegar and water, use a 2:1 solution, two parts water and one part vinegar. You should use the hottest water that you can. Don’t buy or rent a wallpaper steamer. They are dangerous and it is easy to get burned. You have to stand and hold them against the wall, only covering a very small area. Wallpaper steamers do not work. Hot water and vinegar is the way to go.

Now that your spraying combination is mixed in the sprayer, pump it up and spray all the walls in the room. At first the paper will soak up all the water and the wallpaper will look dry. As long as too much water is not running onto the plastic, you can immediately go all the way around the room again with the sprayer. Then go do something else for about twenty minutes. Return to the room and spray it one more time liberally. There will be water on the plastic, and as the wallpaper is scraped off there will be sheets of paper and glue, making for a very slippery condition. Be VERY CAREFUL walking on this slippery surface

Now that the wallpaper is saturated, you can use your razor scraper or spackling knife to start removing the paper. If it is very hard to scrape the wallpaper, wait. If it is too hard to get off, you need to spray the room again and WAIT a while, and it should come off easily. The paper and glue will eventually soften up with enough spraying and time.

After you have completely stripped off the wallpaper, it is time to get the glue off. Try to remove the glue as soon as possible after removing the wallpaper while the glue is very wet. You can use a wet rag followed with a clean, dry rag or towel. Keep turning the rags as they become saturated with glue. There may be too much glue to take off, in which case you may have to use your razor scraper or spackling blade to scrape off the glue. It may be a little difficult to remove the glue, but it is not nearly as hard as stripping the wallpaper, which you have already done. Now you can roll up the sheets of plastic full of stripped wallpaper and glue.

Let the wall dry thoroughly before painting. Fans will help this happen faster. When the wall is dry, you should apply an oil base primer/sealer on it. There are some good latex primer/sealer products, but for sure shot coverage, I use an oil based product. You have to wear a respirator to use oil base primer/sealers. These respirators are not cheap, but if you apply an oil base primer/sealer without a respirator you will get sick, dizzy and high. These products can also damage the nervous system, so WEAR A RESPIRATOR. You should actually wear a respirator no matter what type of paint you are using, but they are an absolute necessity when using an oil base primer/sealer. Always make sure to read the warnings, cautions and instructions on cans of paint. As you pour the paint, make sure not to cover these warnings, cautions and instructions on the back of paint cans. These warnings are for your safety and health, as well as anyone nearby. And don’t forget about pets, they can get sick and be harmed by some products. It is best if all people and pets be somewhere else when applying products like an oil base primer/sealer. When the primer is completely dry, the repairs can be started. For more information, go to 






Remove Popcorn Ceilings 






About Scott Brown

Chattanooga residential painting

Scott Brown became involved in the paint business at a very early age. At age 10, he was already beginning to help his father, who had gone into the paint business as a part-time venture to supplement his income as a postal worker. Scott got his training helping his father work on some of the oldest, historical buildings around, the old U.S. Army buildings located on Barnhardt Circle in Fort Oglethorpe, GA.


Scott Brown Professional Painting & Remodeling 423-314-7179 Through the years, Scott has learned the importance of the preparation work needed on each and every job to insure a good quality finish product. This preparation work includes pressure washing, scraping, sanding, caulking, priming, and any other preparation work that needs to be done. The employees in this company have an average of at least 15-20 years with the company. Scott Brown painting takes the action needed to complete your job as soon as possible.

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