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Make Your Chattanooga Garage Remodel a Success

Did Memorial Day sales leave your head spinning with new ideas for home improvement projects? If you’re tired of living with a cluttered, messy garage, call Scott Brown today for a free estimate on remodeling your covered parking spot. After all, the garage isn’t just a place for storage; it is an extension of your home!


If you’ve considered renovating the garage, remember that there’s more to a remodel than installing a few cabinets. With Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling, go the distance and get creative to make your garage an efficient workspace. Think workbenches, cabinets, closets, tool chests, sinks, additional storage, and work desks.


At Scott Brown, we have everything you need to make your garage remodel a success. We specialize in painting and remodeling residential and commercial properties in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Contact Chattanooga’s highest rated painting and remodeling professionals to learn more and schedule an appointment today by calling 423-314-7179.





6 Tips for Spring (Outdoor) Cleaning

You don’t have to wait until spring to tackle these home improvement projects; however, if you’re in deep spring cleaning mode, you might as well take on your outdoor space too! There are a number of ways to freshen up your outdoor space with just a few simple tricks and a pressure washer. Not only does annual outdoor cleaning benefit cosmetic appearance and curb appeal, it also helps to extend the longevity of your outdoor space.


Exterior brick or siding

Pressure washing your exterior space, such as siding and masonry surfaces, can transform the overall look of your space. Tip: for stubborn dirt or mildew, add detergent to get the job done in half the time!


Before pressure washing, start by removing any existing weeds or grass in cracks or seams of the driveway. Once removed, a careful cleaning with a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime can make a huge difference!


Similarly to your driveway, gutters may also build up dirt and grime. Tip: when cleaning gutters overhead, stand off to the side to avoid spray back, debris, water runoff, and drips.


Being careful not to damage the wood, follow all cleaning and pressure washing instructions based on wood cleaner type. For best results, test on an inconspicuous area of the deck before treating the entire area.


Bring your wood fence back to life with a good pressure washer cleaning. Once clean and dry, apply a rejuvenating coat of wood stain and sealer. Afterwards, your fence will look brand new!



Windows need maintenance just like the rest of your property. So no matter if you’re cleaning them to remove pollen and dirt build up or prepping to repaint, think of the pressure washer as your new best friend. Tip: check the condition of your windows before cleaning to avoid damage to the glass, trim, or seal.


While pressure washing can improve the look of the outside of your home, do be careful. Pressure washers emit extremely high pressure that can damage wood and other various materials, if used improperly. For information on pressure washing the outside of your home or Chattanooga business, give us a call today at (423) 314-7179!






3 Tips to Reduce Home-Improvement Stress

Remodeling your home can be quite an undertaking—and quite stressful at times. Your humble home is now a construction site, decisions become increasingly difficult, and the budget is flying out of control. The remodel process can be exhausting, but with Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling, the quality results are well worth the effort. However, if you find yourself overwhelmed during the process of your home improvements, here are 3 tips to manage anxiety and keep your stress at bay.


1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

It may be difficult to see the bigger picture when complications arise, especially with plaster crumbs and sawdust to clean up following your newly renovated space. But at the end of the day, it is important to evaluate and prioritize your worries. After all, you have better things to do with your time, like enjoying your remodeled basement.


2. Take timing into consideration and be realistic

Are you dreaming of the perfect dining room just two weeks away from your annual Thanksgiving dinner? Before attempting to take on a large renovation project, keep events and holidays in mind and allow for ample time if you choose to begin such an endeavor. Instead, plan your remodel with enough time to avoid adding unnecessary stress.


3. Hire a VERY good contractor, like Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling

Read reviews and references before hiring a Chattanooga contractor! With over 100 positive reviews, Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling is your source for quality renovations. Just check out our testimonials!


Want more tips and tricks to survive the remodeling process? Contact our Chattanooga team of professionals at Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling by calling (423) 314-7179. For more information regarding our services, you may call or e-mail us for an appointment at your convenience.






Top Four Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Chattanooga Commercial Building

Instant Curb Appeal. For any business, curb appeal matters. Keeping your property clean and mildew-free will attract more customers, which means more business. Take pride in your business and call Chattanooga’s Scott Brown Painting and Remodeling today!


Decreases Pollutants and Allergens. Our professional power washing services are designed to remove pollutants and wash away the allergens that are lingering from your building and parking lot, especially when allergy season hits.


Preps the Surface. If you are considering our painting services for your Chattanooga commercial property, pressure washing will help to prepare the surface for painting and refinishing. FACT: Did you know we offer FREE pressure washing with every job? Call today to schedule your appointment today!


Improves the Lifespan. Proper care and routine maintenance on your commercial building, interior and exterior, will help increase it’s longevity. Regular pressure washing will eliminate the possibility of damage, rot, and disrepair which ultimately saves time and money. 


If you are interested in commercial pressure washing, contact us for more information about our Chattanooga commercial services and for your free, comprehensive estimate today! (423) 314-7179.



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How to Use Painters Tape Like a Pro



Preparing your walls before painting is the most important step when it comes to quality painting results. Follow the tips below to have you painting like a pro in no time!

Before you start always be sure to take the extra time to clean your moldings and baseboards with a damp cloth, removing any dust or dirt build up. Allow them to dry completely before you begin to tape. This will create a much better surface to adhere the painters tape to, resulting in a professional finish every time!


Use a putty knife or similar tool to press down on the painters tape once applied to the trim. It’s important to have a proper seal to prevent unwanted drips.


If the job requires a bit more than just a can of paint, use painters tape to hang a plastic sheets to protect entrances, doorways, and items in the room that will not be removed.


Corners can be a challenge when painting. The age old question is – to tape or freehand? When in doubt, tape it for clean, even lines. Ever wonder how to apply painters tape in corners like the pros? The best method is to run a longer piece of painters tape along one wall, allowing it to overlap onto the adjacent wall. Using a utility or carpenters knife, cut the excess off. The same applies to painting window panes and trim.


Need to protect your home from a paint and primer oops? Instead of shuffling around drop cloths that are easy to trip over and track paint through your home, use kraft paper and painters tape. This trick can be used above wood work, window casings, and even floors. It works on both hard surfaces and carpeting, keeping your project splatter-free.


Before removing painters tape, let the paint dry completely and then score the between the wall and trim with a utility knife. This step helps to create a flawless finish without damaging the wall or pulling away fresh paint. When removing, pull painters tape at a 45 degree angle.


If you have leftover painters tape, there are dozens of unique uses for it! These may include organization labels, artwork, family friendly games, such as hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and go fish. The painters tape possibilities are endless!


For all of your Chattanooga painting needs – commercial or residential – call Scott Brown Professional Painting & Remodeling to schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate! Give us a call at (423) 314-7179. We look forward to serving you.